Grower R. Grajauskas about HORTILED for microgreens

Raimondas Grajauskas raises different species of microgreens under HLFC series HORTILED LED lighting. These are young and tender sprouts of pea, mustard, sunflower, radish and other vegetables, wheatgrass. Restaurants use grower's production to decorate their dishes. „The appearance is the most important feature of our produce, as we sell the design“ Mr. Raimondas jokes.

Mr. Raimondas grows microgreens in the chamber, where natural lighting is low, thus the appropriate lighting is very important. He uses HLFC series LED and high pressure sodium lamps for supplemental illumination. The grower notices, that microgreens grow lusher and greener, but as the main advantage he identifies energy savings.

„I do see the perspective and recommend HORTILED LEDs for others. Growers must go hand in hand with technologies. Nowadays, one day you are the first between competitors, but other day you might be the last one”. 


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