Hortiled began its activity in 2006 promoting research in the field of plant illumination in collaboration with scientists in the fields of semiconductor physics and plant physiology at Vilnius University and the Institute of Horticulture LRCAF. Industrial greenhouses were used to rigorously test our most promising research results. Based on the experience gained in more than 8 years of research work and successful industrial tests, we can now offer clients superior LED lighting systems designed for science and industry or the home, together with qualified service.

The know-how we've gained also allows us, upon a client's request, to provide plant-specific LED lighting solutions.

Why Hortiled?

  • Applicability - Suitable for diverse research or industrial spaces - growing chambers, phytotrons, laboratories, greenhouses.
  • Spectrum - Suitable for a variety of plants, since the light spectrum can be selected according to the specialized needs.
  • Reliability - Qualified technical support, 24 months warranty.

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